Trusted online casino in Singapore

There are so many options available to choose from when it comes to online casinos in Singapore. You will likely be baffled when trying to choose the ideal platform the fits the bill. But it doesn’t have to be that confusing. 

We understand your priorities: safety, security, and a fair price for your hard-earned money.

And that is precisely why we have created this resource to help you out. Narrowing down on the suitable options and cutting through all the tall claims is dependent on thorough research. But what if you don’t have the time to do that research?

Fret not! We have done the relevant research for you. We have listed the most reliable and trustworthy online casinos in Singapore for you to choose from. You will be able to determine the best option for you when you go through our summaries and reviews.

What makes an online casino trustworthy?

The first step to determining the right type of online casino is to analyze some key considerations. These considerations range from the website’s safety to the variety of games available on the platform.

Platform safety is the number one priority. Not all websites are safe. Though no online casino worth its salt will ever risk running an insecure website, scam casinos can easily prey on unsuspecting users who don’t know any better. So, how do you make sure that you are on a safe platform? As it turns out, there is a simple way to be sure of the platform’s safety (or lack thereof).

Most websites run on “HTTPS:” nowadays and not “HTTP”. The additional “S” stands for secure. This means that the platform has a proper SSL certificate. Whenever you are on a website, you can check the lock sign generally displayed at the left-hand side of the web address in most modern browsers. If it shows a lock icon and is green then nothing is wrong. But if it’s cut midway then the website is insecure. Sharing financial information such as credit card details on these websites can be risky as it’s easy for a third party to gain access to information being sent to and from the server of such a website.

Second on the list is checking for licensing and regulatory information. Only use online casinos with a valid gambling license. It’s perfectly okay for an online casino to have a license from another country such as Malta. One of the regulatory authorities that gambling websites like to go with is the Malta Gaming Authority or MGA. If an online casino has a valid MGA license then it is safe to be used.

Licensing is important because a license is designed to offer protection to the player. These organizations usually have pretty stringent rules and protocols that the online casinos must adhere to. Infringing can not only make them lose their license but can also attract various penalties and fines.

An unregulated or unlicensed online casino is not controlled by any such regulation. Consequently, if they decide to dupe you and never return your money then there’s really nothing you can do about that.


Healthy competition ensures that online casinos keep providing lucrative promotions and bonuses to players. There are two types of promotions and bonuses you should look out for:

  1. Welcome bonuses: These are bonuses given to new players. These can also be dubbed as sign-up bonuses. These bonuses are applied to your account the moment you register or make your first deposit. These usually provide free spins, cashback, or additional bonuses (such as a free amount on the first deposit).
  2. Ongoing promotions: Nearly all online casinos run year-long promotions. These promotions don’t just apply to new players. Some prefer to have day-based promotions where you receive a particular benefit on a particular weekday. On the other hand, some ongoing promotions are flat bonuses that are applied to your account on certain tasks such as deposits.

Noting both types of bonuses and comparing them with those from other online casinos is critical to decide on the best online casino in Singapore.

Everyone has a different definition of convenient payment. Some like to use their credit cards while others are looking for bank transfers. Some might even like cryptocurrency payments to protect their privacy and confidentiality further. E-wallets are another option that you might be looking for – eliminating the need to make deposits regularly.

Usually, deposits and withdrawals are not processed using the same payment methods.

Another payment-related factor to keep in mind is the average transaction time for withdrawals. Online casinos generally make this information available right on their homepage or the payments page. A transaction time under a couple of days is extremely convenient, whereas some rely on 3-7 days’ worth of processing time. The payment method also decides the transaction time.


It is not rare that a player becomes bored shortly after playing a few games. Some casinos indeed promise thousands of fun games but when you try a few of them, you rapidly begin to see a repetitive pattern of the same game being remodeled slightly.

That’s why you should make sure that the variety of games is ample on a platform.

How do you do that? Of course, the first step is to read their categories and open each category to see the list of games available within it. You should also make it a habit to check the game providers that the platform supports. Different game providers offer varying levels of entertainment and game types. The more reputable game providers an online casino has, the better your experience will be.


One of the most important factors that players often overlook is the ease of use of the platform. It combines a few things:

  • User experience: User experience stands for the type of experience you get to have when interacting with the various features of the platform. Make sure you test most common features such as entering promos, accessing the menu, switching the language, availability of live chat, notification system, and so on. A platform overloaded with ads will quickly kill your interest in using it, so also make sure that the ads are to a minimum, tolerable level.
  • Content hierarchy: How is the content placed on the website? Are proper headings given to the important stuff? Is the menu straightforward to understand and use? These considerations revolve around whether or not an online casino platform has a simple yet sensible hierarchy of content depending on its importance and relevance to you.
  • Website navigation: How easy is it to navigate from one page to the other? Does the website load fast? Are the images too in-your-face? How easy is it to switch between games or to read up on the rules of a particular game? Website navigation can single-handedly determine whether you will be wasting a lot of time confused on the site or not.
  • Guidance and troubleshooting: How easy is it to get some guidance? A live chat option is a must but a knowledgebase and clear-cut FAQs also help. If a platform lacks literature on how to use it effectively, especially for new players, then it’s not a good platform to game on.
  • Mobile experience: How good is the mobile experience? If the platform has a standalone mobile app then that’s best. Otherwise, you should test all the above considerations on the mobile browser version as well. Not all websites are properly optimized for the mobile experience.


Last but not the least, customer service determines how quick will dispute resolution be and how easy will it be to troubleshoot any problems. Always give their customer service a spin. Ask detailed questions on live chat or get a lowdown on the platform using email. Make sure that the platform has a quick resolution mechanism (such as a phone number and a live chat feature) as well as an in-depth problem reporting mechanism (such as a website contact form and a support email address).

No matter how seasoned you are, you will get stuck at some point and if the customer service is bad then you will end up with frustration and perhaps also lost funds.

Top 8 online casinos in Singapore

For your convenience, we have done the research already and found the best 8 online casinos in Singapore. You are still free to do your own research and we strongly recommend you double-check any online casino, including the ones on this list, using the measures we discussed in the previous section.

Note that all of these are trustworthy and reliable online casinos being operated for years now. That’s why we will not be discussing platform security or licensing as it’s the same for all of them: high. All of these have fast withdrawals and a no-bot live chat support.

We will keep our review limited to the payment methods, bonuses, customer service, and ease of use.

Let’s review the top 8 online casinos in Singapore!