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  1. Payment methods: Account transfers to central bank account and Fast Pay. Apart from Singapore, bank transfers can also be made from accounts belonging to Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. Cryptocurrency is also supported. 
  2. Bonuses: There’s a wide selection of bonuses available on BK8. It’s more than what most others on this list have.
  3. Customer service: Customer representatives are fast and knowledgeable.
  4. Ease of use: There’s certainly a little room for improvement on the overall website navigation and user experience front.

BK8 is a nifty website with a myriad of game options to choose from. You will never get bored. There is also a plethora of knowledge to absorb in the form of tips and guidance. BK8 has a VIP section. It has sports, casino, slots, poker, fishing, 3D games, lottery, and racing. The BK8 brand is endorsed by Robin van Persie – a former professional footballer (striker position) and currently a Dutch coach. BK8 also has a crypto lucky draw.

Visit bk8 Singapore and Indulge in an Array of Online Games

Gambling is becoming a popular entertainment activity. A lot of people are taking interest in gambling and Betting. With the increasing interest of people in gambling, top-notch gambling sites are also surfacing. There are a lot of gambling sites available online but hardly can anyone match the quality of bk8 Singapore games. The level of customer satisfaction that this site delivers is just unbeatable. The site stands out from the rest of the international gambling sites due to several reasons. It has been functioning for years now and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the site’s popularity has only risen. 

A lot of people have tried this site. If you go through the site’s customer reviews, you would understand that customers feel the site is extremely reliable and trustworthy. It’s a hub of entertainment, bringing together different types of casino games for different types of players. We have discussed the gaming types later in this post. Firstly, we would see how someone can register on this site. If you are curious to know-how continue to read below. 

The registration process at the bk8 Singapore site

Before you can go through the site’s interface, its collection, and services, you have to register on it. The registration process is however free and can be done within seconds. Follow the following steps for more details:

  • Click on the official bk8 site for more details. 
  • On the homepage, you will see a join button. Click on that. 
  • Enter the username and password that you would like to keep. Remember these credentials or note them down somewhere. 
  • Once done, you will be asked to write your first and last name and submit other relevant details. You also have to submit suitable identification proof. 
  • Once you have filled in everything that was asked for, click on submit. 
  • The site would look into your details meanwhile and verify them. If they find all details to be genuine, your access request would be accepted. 

After your request is accepted, you can enter the site and browse through its collection of games, explore its features and navigate through the site. Let’s now go through the list of games that this site brings together. 

Games available in bk8 Singapore site

Apart from the usual casino games that every casino offers, like roulette, blackjack, poker, slots, etc. This site brings something else too. Let’s go through them one by one: 

  • Live Casino Games

If you are a professional in gambling and you are looking for challenging games, the live casino games section is for you. There are innumerable games available in this section that can be played live. Choose one of your choices and see what your luck has in store for you. 

  • Lottery

For people who love to draw lotteries, the bk8 casino site has got you covered. Lotteries are a popular game in recent times and some people have earned a lot of fortune by drawing lotteries. If you too want to test your luck, you can participate in the lottery games. The games are powered by top gaming entities. Therefore you can expect an uninterrupted gaming experience ahead. 

  • Fishing games

Fishing games are comparatively newer but are fun games. As the name suggests players have to use a joystick to catch fish. Now, there are different varieties of fish found in the game. Each of the species has different features and catching them fetches you different points. As you start playing the game you would understand how the game proceeds. Rest assured that the whole experience would be very enjoyable and lively. There are two major types of fishing games involved, fishing god and fishing war. 

Why choose BK8?

The customer support offered by bk8 casino site 

The site has satisfied its players with its reliable customer services as well. It allows its players to contact the customer care executives at any time and provides them with all necessary information. The people are extremely well behaved and dedicated. You can contact them via live chat, telegram, WeChat, phone calls, and WhatsApp. 


As you can see bk8 casino site is an ideal online gambling platform. If you haven’t yet visited the site, it’s high time you see what the site has to offer to all.