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Over the past few years, online gambling vs offline gambling has always been in debate. Both are the winners in their aspects. However, the advantages over can avail in online gambling are so many. Because of this, recently there has been a notable rise in the number of online casino sites in the world.

3star88 is a top-rated casino in Malaysia. It offers a lot of products and services to the players. There are so many reasons to count on this online casino. Particularly, if you are looking for an online casino to play live in Malaysia, this has to be your go-to option.

You can know more details about this casino site below so it is advised that you read this post till the end. You will also know about the games offered on this casino site.


3star88 casino is a casino site that operates live in Malaysia. The site is neither very old nor new but it has already become very popular in the world of casinos.

It is a highly advanced online casino site that provides the players with a long list of games that can be played. It attracts players from different parts of the world and not just Malaysia. Since they are still developing as a casino site, their user base is not huge but it is growing with every single day.

The site makes sure that all the players can play any game they want without getting cheated or scammed. For this, they keep monitoring the players regularly. If you are someone who enjoys live betting, 3star88 is the best site for you to try.

Gambling Services Offered By 3star88

3star88 is one such casino site that has a lot to offer its players. Let us take a glimpse through some of the significant services offered on this platform:

1. Live casino

Not just betting on sports, but one can also play different live casino games on 3star88. Before you start playing, it is a must for you to log into the website. It offers you a varied arena of games like Blackjack, Roulette, etc.

2. Free spins

Another very important service offered by the 3star88 casino site is free spins. It allows the players to spin the wheel for free where they can earn many exciting rewards. Every week some of the other players get a free spin.

3. Lottery

Playing classic lottery games is an important purpose for which people get into online gambling. This site provides you with a wide range of classic lottery games which are nevertheless very exciting to play. Most importantly, the rewards that one can earn from playing these games are also as exciting as you can think them to be.

What Makes 3star88 So Popular

Though there are so many online casino sites available in the gambling world, still a lot of people go for the 3star88. So, let us check out the reasons why 3star88 is so popular amongst the players:

1. Safe and secure

The most important reason behind the popularity of this casino site is the level of safety and security offered on this website. The users need not worry about whether it will be safe or not to play casino games on this platform. It is safe and reliable.

2. Customer support

The next reason why this site is so popular is that it offers excellent customer support. The customers keep getting constant assistance as to how they can play the games that they want to. Even if the customers are facing trouble in depositing or withdrawing or money, the assistance team of the website is always there to help.

3. Authorized

Both land-based casinos, as well as online casinos, need to have their license from the government. Unauthorized casinos are not considered legal at all. The 3star88 casino is an authorized one. It has a proper license of its own which is the most reliable proof of its authentication.

The 3star88 website is a very well-known casino that functions in Malaysia. It attracts players from different regions of the world. The main source of attraction for the players is the wide range of games offered on this website. Of late, it has also started operating live in Singapore so playing over this site from Singapore has become a lot easier now.